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              alexis texas is a teacher

              When something unusual happens in your data, something important has happened in your business. Outlier is here to discover unexpected insights and empower you to make meaningful decisions.

              alexis texas is a teacher

              Past Outlier was named one of Gartner’s Cool Vendors 2018

              Present Outlier is named in Gartner’s 2019 Market Guide for Augmented Analytics Tools

              Future The best of Outlier is yet to come!

              Gartner Cool Vendors in Analytics, Gareth Herschel, Alan Davlev, James Richardson, Rita Sallam, Jim Hare, 25 May 2018 and Gartner Market Guide for Augmented Analytics Tools, Austin Kronz, 30 October 2019.

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              Outlier discovers the unexpected in your myriad of data. You have data here and there. Collecting it into one location is a laborious effort and would take you a lot of time. You want to see the insights in your data now. Outlier solves this challenge for you. We collect your data and analyze it. We serve up only the 4-5 unexpected changes that happened daily.

              alexis texas is a teacher

              Outlier finds insights across all of your data, helping identify relationships that are impossible to find manually. Adding any integration takes only minutes, and each integration helps you learn more about a different aspect of your business. The more you add the more useful Outlier becomes, as it can find hidden relationships and patterns across parts of your business.

              alexis texas is a teacher

              Learn first hand how Outlier can integrate and help your business.

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