Roof Panel

              Wall Panel

              Leading the way in faster, stronger and easier construction

              With the passage of time, concrete, cement and tin sheet are not able to meet the increasing demands of people to have a stronger structure which saves them cost, time and space as well. Our panels are built in accordance with the leading edge techniques and are installed using modern yet simplistic methods facilitating efficient assembly and quick installations. Customizable, compact, lightweight, strong and weather resistant, these panels are the faster building material ever made and are stronger than any of their contemporaries and competitors. Pronto panels are designed with an aim to revolutionize the building industry by providing energy saving and convenient construction solutions at competitive prices.

              SMS Hospital Modern Ward Construction

              One-Day Low Cost Small Room


              • Warehouse
              • Machine Enclosure
              • Staff Accommodation
              • Raised Floor
              Roof-Top Floor
              • Restaurant
              • Lab and Control Room
              • Classrooms
              • Penthouse
              • Farmhouse
              • Penthouse
              • Resorts
              • Parking Area
              • Education
              • Hospital
              • Office Block
              • CSR
              Small Units
              • Site Offices
              • Kiosk
              • Toilet Block
              • Guard Room
              • Full Height
              • Low Height
              • Office Partitions
              • Dust Free Rooms



              Our Panels are custom built from factory itself hence they require very less installation time on site. These panels are also very easy to install thus saving time and cost. Usually, an approximate turnaround time of 7-10 days is expected based on the complexity of the site and its condition.

              Better Insulation

              Our thermal insulation material is made of high quality Rigid Polyurethane Foam (PUR), considered to be one of the most efficient and high performance insulation material. High quality standard of Pronto's insulation material enables high savings in heating and cooling cost.


              Pronto panels can withstand compressive load of over 1 ton per square feet. On long spans it can take significant load (live as well as dead). Pronto panels requires very less or no support structure due to its self-strength.


              Pronto panels are very light weight, this significantly reduces structural load requirement of buildings constructed with Pronto Panels thus saves the cost of structural construction. Also, light weight material enables construction of additional floor over existing/old buildings without change in structural load design.

              Water Resistant

              Polyurethane foam (PUR) is one of the principal components of pronto panels which imparts it the attribute of being water resistant owing to its closed cell structure.

              Fire Resistant

              Pronto panels are certified fire-resistant panels. Polyurethane foam is a thermosetting plastic and yields no adverse effects under fire such as melting, producing burning droplets, etc.

              Energy Saving

              Pronto panels are made using strong insulation material, thus can withstand adverse temperature differences and maintain the room temperature of the enclosed space.


              Our panels need no validation as the personal experiences and features speak for themselves

              Builders & Societies

              • Alokik Group
              • Mangalam
              • Amit Colonizers
              • GN Buildcon
              • Utsav, Maheshwari Samaj
              • Jhalana Officer Campus


              • Bosh
              • L & T
              • Pearl Polytechs
              • Century Transformers
              • Saras Udyog
              • Aamarpali
              • Yahvi Jewellers
              • UV Overseas
              • Ganpati Gems & Jewels


              • Fortis Hospital
              • Modern Public School
              • JNU (Jagatpura)
              • Dana Shivam Hospital
              • Janana Hospital (Chanpole)
              • Aanch Asthma & Chest
              • Alpha Beta School
              • Santa Kidz School
              • Yuvam
              • Amer Maharaja College
              • Kusum Vidhyapeeth


              • Coffee culture
              • Inox
              • Jagdamba Tower, Vaishali
              • Yolo
              • Flap Jack
              • The Royal Ship
              • Jaipur Continental
              • Jai Button
              • Banzara
              • Nawal Book Depo


              let us bring convenient building solutions at your door step

              Benefit Of Pronto Vs Traditional Material

              The most loved construction material for the impatient souls. With pronto panels you can narrow down upto 15 minutes per square construction.

              President's Award Winning Company

              THe makers of Pronto are awarded by the presidents as the national award for quality product.

              Build - Enjoy - Relocate

              All pronto panels are handy in use and can easily relocate, without anywaste of time or material.

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